Advantages of publication in the journal Österreichisches Multiscience Journal:

Publications of any complexity

Experienced specialists will formalize your scientific articles of any complexity in accordance with strict printing requirements. Including ones containing formulas, tables, diagrams, drawings, etc.

European publication

European publication with the foreign output. The journal has the assigned international ISSN number - 1740-1798.

Rapid spreading

Operative receipt of the electronic version of the journal by authors on their e-mails

Open access

Journals are placed in the public domain on the journal’s website:

Reliable delivery

Reliable delivery of hard copies of the journal to any place of the world.


There is no surcharge for co-authors.

Editorial board

All members of the editorial board are highly-qualified professionals.

About the journal

Österreichisches Multiscience Journal (Innsbruck, Austria) was established in 2016 by representatives of the scientific communities of Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia. The journal uses double-blind peer review, which means that both the reviewer and the authors’ personalities are hidden throughout the review process from all its participants. The verification process takes place within two working days after submission of an article. The articles will be published shortly after being accepted for publication. Before submitting the article, be sure to read the instructions for the authors.